HPE Synergy and our current storage solution

“Customers want more than table stakes software-driven automation, and only HPE offers the combination of software- and intelligence-driven automation in a composable solution, transforming on-premises infrastructure to be more cloudlike,” said Mat Mathews, VP and GM, Composable Networking, HPE. “And, as customers leverage VCF to provide integrated software-defined data center and cloud management services for their applications, it becomes critical to rely on an underlying platform that has matching characteristics. Only HPE’s intelligent and composable infrastructure delivers the automation and flexibility needed for today’s changing workload demands.”

Composable Infrastructure

HPE is a pioneer in composability, initially introducing composable infrastructure in HPE Synergy, a bladed, modular architecture. With disaggregated compute, storage, and fabric, HPE composable infrastructure provides independent scaling of resources and on-demand provisioning to support any workload, and any SLA – all while delivering CapEx savings. Its software-defined automation improves IT efficiency and reduces OpEx costs, while its unified API allows developers to integrate infrastructure commands directly into development and deployment processes, as well as easily integrate with third-party applications and tools. Similarly, HPE Composable Rack provides disaggregated compute, storage and fabric resources in a rack form factor, supporting bare metal, containerization, virtualization, and private and hybrid clouds.

“Combined,, HPE 3PAR, have created a formidable capability for us to deliver industry leading services on composable and reliable infrastructure with a few clicks,” said Christopher Horvat, VP of Information Technology, Skyview Networks. “We can virtualize all our audio in digital format without the traditional analog-to-digital latency and without a single physical backplane connection. Using this technology has made our organization more agile in delivering premier services to our long list of clients, so I look forward to the impact HPE Primera combined with HPE Synergy will have for mission-critical apps.”

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