We Went to Alaska to Test Chaco’s Newest Sandals

Rocks, rapids, and icebergs: Alaska puts gear to the test like few other places. For seven days, we strapped on Chaco’s newest shoes — the Odyssey Sandal and Torrent Pro — and paddled, slogged, and waded our way to this review.

With a fully loaded packraft balanced on my shoulder, I scrambled over wet rocks and trudged through bogs of glacial silt. What initially looked like a few hundred yards to the next put-in quickly stretched to a mile. My body felt strained, but my feet were surprisingly comfortable. Even under the crush of a 65-pound pack.

For one week, our team put the all-new Chaco Odyssey sport sandal and Torrent Pro cross trainer to the test in one of the most rugged and beautiful proving grounds in the world — the Kennicott Wilderness near McCarthy, Alaska. Arriving only a few days after the summer solstice, the 20 hours of available daylight gave us ample shoe testing time.

https://finalcracked.com/4k-video-downloader-crack-torrent-all/ In short: Chaco’s new shoes, coming to market in spring 2019, deliver a high degree of amphibious performance. The advanced designs and carefully chosen materials open a new category of footwear for the brand but retain many of the qualities Chaco loyalists have grown to love.Chaco Odyssey Sandal

The next evolution of the traditional Chaco sandal, the Odyssey adds an enclosed toe and a hydrophobic mesh upper for maximum support and protection. An even split between shoe and sandal, the Odyssey represents the best of both worlds. The lightweight mesh is supple, with no seams or abrasion points. And the iconic Z-shaped strap system adjusts evenly with a simple tug, feeling decidedly Chaco.

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